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10 Oct 2024 Q4 FY2024 Production Report
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02 Dec 2024 FY2024 Results
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*Please note that dates are indicative only. Quarterly production updates are typically available an estimated ten working days from the quarter end.

**Shareholder rights in terms of section 127B of the Cyprus Companies Law

Shareholders holding an aggregated 5% of the issued share capital of the Company shall have the right to request that an item be added to the agenda or request that a specific resolution be proposed at the AGM, provided that such request is accompanied by a written statement setting out reasonable justification for including such item or proposing such resolution. Such request must be received by the Company, either electronically by email to ir@tharisa.com or by post to PO Box 62425 Paphos, 8064, Cyprus, no later than 42 days before the scheduled AGM.