Corporate governance

Tharisa is incorporated in Cyprus and is therefore subject to Cyprus Companies Law. With a primary listing on the JSE under the general mining sector, Tharisa is subject to the JSE Listings Requirements and the requirements of the South African Code of Corporate Practices and Conduct laid out in King IV. Tharisa also has a secondary standard listing of its depositary interests on the London Stock Exchange (‘LSE’) and is subject to the LSE Listing Rules and Disclosure and Transparency Rules applicable to a secondary standard listing. In addition, Tharisa listed on the A2X exchange in South Africa with effect from 6 February 2019. Tharisa’s primary listing on the JSE and secondary standard listing on the main board of the LSE remain unaffected by the secondary listing on A2X. The A2X is a licensed stock exchange authorised to provide a secondary listing venue for companies and is regulated by the South African Financial Sector Conduct Authority in terms of the Financial Markets Act 19 of 2012. The listing on A2X provides an opportunity to improve liquidity and attract new investors through the lower trading costs offered by this trading platform.

The Company has a unitary board, which both leads and controls the Company. It comprises three executive directors and seven non-executive directors. Five of the seven non-executive directors are independent.

The Board is structured in such a way that there is a clear balance of authority, ensuring that no one director has unfettered powers. The size of the Board is regulated by the Company’s Articles of Association and directors are appointed through a formal process.

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